Discover the efficiency of your System with Ellume 360.

Monitor, Manage and Control your Assets

Monitor systems

Ellume 360 gives you total solution for any device monitoring, reports, analytics both for EPC/Manufacturers and End user

Read to scale

Handle tens to thousands of devices, users without worrying for any infrastructure from day One

One platform - Any device

Ellume 360 is ready to configure with most of your device and you will start receiving device data and insights in matter of minutes

A comprehensive remote monitoring platform



Web application portal of EPC/Manufacturer and their end users

Android App

Native apps both for EPC/Manufacturer annd end users

Complete Portal

Assign supervisors, Manage their role, Manage end user

End user friendly

Social login for user to monitor their system as well as share with their friends and family

Insight Analytics

Unlimited analytics

Get unlimited analytics for all your devices

Deeper data insight

Active monitoring for faults which are impossible to detect


Insights on scheduling of O&M

Customized reports

Daily, Weekly, Yearly. Powerful and flexible reporting engine

Grow your business

Real time updates

Get real time data on Web and mobile apps, email and SMS


Revenue, Asset Performance, Plant Maintenance Management, Users

Readily scalable

Scale from thousands to millions of user without worrying of infrastructure

Custom branding

Get Web and Android apps with your own branding

Solution to common challenges

Combine device from any brand to our system in hassle free way and instantly start receiving data.

Your device

Log into and configure by following the instructions

Our system

As soon as device is added from our portal you will instantly start receiving data

Your data

Get all data in your Web and Android apps with experience built for you

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